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The last five years has seen a spate of conferences, panel discussions and dialogues around diversity, primarily gender and the dilemmas in organization. With so much focus and understanding of this space it’s time to ask some key questions - Has the needle truly moved? Is there greater sensitization within our businesses on Diversity related issues? Is there a real pipeline of women leaders in the making? Is the Industry hiring Persons with Disabilities OR are we still grappling with the same dilemmas from where we started.

Over the last five years while the number of women in the workforce has been increasing, the numbers have not significantly altered the proportion at all levels. Sustained progression among women employees are few and far between. This clearly points to the fact that merely sustaining current efforts is not sufficient. 

While we like to believe that the agenda for Gender diversity is now well established with Industry having invested considerable time and effort to sustain and build on it, we are far from the overall objective of creating a culture that fosters diversity and builds an environment conducive for growth.

Diversity as we now know, is not just about gender and our next imperative is to unravel the various elements that impact the culture of organizations. ‘People with Disabilities’ is a potential talent pool that is waiting to be harnessed with the right enablers to manage them.

India has a burgeoning youth waiting at the thresholds of employment and ‘Generations’ in the workplace is already an emerging reality. Do we have the right competencies to manage them? Do we understand what it means to work with a new ethos of an emerging world order?

'Cultural or Regional’ diversity is another dilemma with organizations operating at scale and cross pollination of talent from different parts of our hugely diverse country. How do we integrate the north with the south, and east with the west.  Do we understand socio-economic differences and their reflections in the workplace? Do we understand value systems, lifestyles, aspirations?

D&I in India is a very complex issue with its own set of challenges, hence Understanding   what your organisation needs and for what purpose is critical, else an entire Diversity and inclusion initiative could fail. 

Come, leverage opportunities to network with the thought leaders from cutting edge corporations, peers, organizations and government.

Participants can gain tremendously from this platform- to network, share experiences and draw value that they can take back home and to the workplace.


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